The Great Power of Intention

What exactly is Intention? And why is it so powerful?

Intention is using the power of words to formulate a desired outcome to occur. By setting an intention we are invoking universal energy to move in a certain direction. Part of this energy is our very own energy within the dominion of ourselves. The other part of this universal energy is external to us; however the external energy forces are affected by the force and direction of our intention when it is set in place.

The process of setting intentions is very similar to dropping a pebble into pond water. The pebble is like a physical representation of an intention in action. You are the intender who is throwing or dropping the pebble into the water. The ripples of the water represent how your intention (the pebble) affects the water (the universe).

Intention is actually something that is always happening, whether we know it or not. Every thought we think, every word we speak, and every action we do is an intention that is moving us in the direction of a future experience. We are either doing this consciously or unconsciously, but it is happening. If you pay attention you can see how this happens in your own life. One way to track intention is to have a journal. You can go back in the journal and read what you were thinking about, talking about, and doing and see how you walked right in to where you are now. We are always walking into our intention, so be sure to be clear about what it is your walking into, because if you don’t then you will walk into something unclear.

The beautiful thing about this is that we have the power to direct our intentions. There are four things that occur in life, we think, we feel, we behave, and things happen. Out of these 4 things, we can control 3 of them: thinking, feeling, and behavior. We cannot control what happens outside of ourselves, but we can control how we think, feel, and behave about what happens. This is where all of our power lies.

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